Brahim Rachiki

Who am I ?

Describe myself ? Eternal student, I have an endless thirst for learning. Curious by nature, I like challenges. I always go beyond my limits but always respecting myself and

Passionate but thoughtful, my engine is creation. Adversity attracts me because it pushes me to bring out the best of myself. But as the proverb says so, we must be courageous in the face of adversity and suffering we understand more things.  Meditation is an integral part of my life as well as reading.

My son, and family I created through traveling make me go forward every day. With an inexhaustible imagination since my childhood, I put in motion pictures and my dreams but also my life experiences. Great communicator, but with a certain timidity, I take great pleasure to teach. I want to realize my highest aspirations advocating indulgence and kindness.{jcomments off}

Director / Choreographer / Creative Director

21 First District of Paris
– Present (13 years 8 months)Los Angeles - USA & Brussels - Belgium

- 2015 Marrackesh Du Rire
- 2015 Choreographer Movie "le Fantome de Canterrelle" Director Yann Samuel
- 2015 Eurovision opening show
- 2015 Nawell Madani "C'est moi la plus Belge" Tour Choreographer
- 2014 / 2015 Choreographer "Show for the the tremplin"
- 2014 Director "are you ready" Productions : Travis Payne Prod. and 21 first Districts of Paris
- 2013 / 2014 Director, Concept and Choreographer "Il-Lui Mine" Création
- 2013 / 2014 Director and Choreographer « Hip Orgue »
- 2013 / 2014 Director, Concept and Choreographer «The Rite Of Spring» music d’Igor Stravinsky
- 2013 Choreographer Vidéo shoot Bernard Bertrand Production.
- 2012 Director and Choreographer Louise Night Event
- 2011 Choreographer Lesieur commercial Director Harvey B. Brown
- 2011 Choreographer Bobbejanland Commercial
- 2010 Michael Jackson “ The expérience“ Vidéogame
- 2010 Choreographer Happy Star Carl’s Jr Commercial 72 & Sunny Productions.
- 2009 2nd Assistant Choreographer Michael Jackson “THIS IS IT” Director. Kenny Ortega
- 2008 Choreographer "Vogue " Madonna “Steacky and Sweet tour ” Director. Jamie King
- 2009 Assoc. Choreographer Janet Jackson “Life is Discipline” Director. Gil Duldulalo
- 2008 Choreographer Sam Pete “The Republik“
- 2008 Director and Choreographer Kanary Diamonds
- 2005 Clementine Celarie “Madame sans chaine“ Chorég. co Director. Brahim Rachiki
- 2004 Director and Choreographer Fête du trône de SMR Mohamed VI
- 2004 “Des métier un avenir RHCD“ commercial
- 2002 / 2004 Director and Choreographer European Tour “Gus“


(7 years)Los Angeles

David Lachapelle Samsung Commercial
David Lachapelle Motorola
Elvis Pompilio
Gus magazine Spread
Chex energie Drink



Brahim Rachiki

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